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As the son of a volunteer firefighter and a career civil servant, public service has always been part of who I am.

That's why after 9/11, I joined the Air Force and spent almost 8 years in uniform serving our country in the Middle East, South Korea, and Europe.  That's why after leaving the military, I went to graduate school so that I could do my part in the fight against climate change.  And it's why I'm running for office: to protect our home and community for future generations.

I am proud to be endorsed by:


Marin Professional Firefighters

IAFF Local 1775

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Marin County Democratic Party 


North Bay Labor Council (AFL-CIO)


Marin County Young Democrats 

Community Leaders, including:

Noah Griffin

Tiburon Town Council

​Quick Facts

  • Lives in the Belveron neighborhood with his wife (Anna) and their two kids

  • Occupation: Corporate Attorney at SunPower, a national residential solar company

  • Military experience: US Air Force Captain and Afghanistan veteran with 8 years of service; graduated from Air Force's Top Gun program

  • Education:

    • Stanford Univ., B.A., with honors in Public Policy

    • Stanford Law School, JD, with pro bono distinction

    • Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA, with Certificate in Public Management and Social Innovation


My priorities:
Preparedness, stewardship, and community values

Emergency Preparedness

Climate change has raised the stakes for Tiburon's brave firefighters and paramedics.  When I moved to the Bay Area 20 years ago, wildfires were few and far between.  Now, wildfires are a year-round threat.  Half of the Tiburon Peninsula is designated as Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), a classification for residential areas at a heightened risk of wildfire. 

Emergency preparedness starts with making sure that our fire department is fully staffed and that our firefighters and paramedics have the resources, training, and support they need to do their jobs safely.

Additionally, our fire district has fallen behind its peer fire districts in key areas that would improve our preparedness:

1. Upgraded emergency sirens: Mill Valley installed upgraded LRAD emergency sirens in 2019 that have better range and reliability and would be integrated into the County's emergency warning system.  Strawberry's sirens were upgraded in 2021, and Sausalito received upgraded sirens this spring.  TFPD has not announced a plan to upgrade the sirens on the Tiburon Peninsula.  (Marin I.J., "Southern Marin disaster sirens to be replaced," Jan. 22, 2022)

2. Protecting homes in the Wildland Urban Interface: The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority allocated $4 million this year to advising home owners in WUI areas about how to reduce the risk of wildfires through home hardening and defensible spaces.  The agency provides grants of up to $5,000 for eligible homes for wildfire prevention upgrades.  As the only fire district in Marin that is not part of the MWPA, we are not benefiting from these home evaluations or grant programs.  (Marin I.J., "Marin wildfire agency outlines $20M in projects," Jun. 14, 2022)

3. Evacuation drills: The Southern Marin Fire Protection District has been practicing emergency evacuations in the Tiburon communities of Reed and Bel Aire (which are part of the SMFPD territory), but the Tiburon Fire Protection District has not done this for neighborhoods in its district.  (The Ark, "Local officials warn of wildfire dangers through the summer," Jul. 6, 2022)​

I will work to make sure that we are implementing best practices in emergency preparedness.

Financial Responsibility

We must also be responsible stewards of taxpayer money.  This summer, the current Board of the Tiburon Fire Protection District voted to reinstate a Parcel Tax on all Tiburon homes and businesses that had been dormant for more than a decade and is planning to borrow from the State to rebuild the existing fire station at Trestle Glen Blvd and Paradise Drive.  The cost of the new fire station is estimated to be $5.7 million.  Our firefighters and paramedics deserve the best resources and facilities, and our community deserves that new construction projects be managed to avoid delays and cost overruns.  I have experience leading complex projects in the public and private sector and I will work to keep this project on time and on budget.

Community Values

Finally, the Board must always work to ensure that the Tiburon Fire Protection District lives up to our values.  These include always acting with integrity, putting service to the community before ourselves, continuously striving for excellence, acting to promote diversity and inclusiveness, and environmental sustainability.  As an experienced leader in the public and private sector, I will lead with these values and challenge the fire district's full-time staff to demonstrate these values as well.


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